Tokyo-Jogging is a mashup project using wiimote and google street view.

Demo movie

How to start

  1. You need a server program. You can download it here.


    The latest binary files and source code are hosted at github.

  2. Run the program for "Joggingg" or "Walking".

  3. When you're ready, click here.



Readme is here.

If it is difficult to built or to run it, the tutorial video would help you.

Changes RSS Feed

  • 2010.07.11 : moved source code hosted address from Google Code to github
  • 2009.10.05 : support Nunchuk
  • 2008.10.21 : redesign and update Readme
  • 2008.10.08 : update Readme and add start run-script
  • 2008.10.01 : update Readme
  • 2008.09.28 : add Readme